Monday, April 3, 2017

Translation of "Ma Telugu Talli" Song

Is the jasmine garland
To our Telugu mother
Here are our oil-lamp offerings
To our beloved birth mother

Full of golden resources
Her stomach,
Her glances full of compassion
Riches sprout with her smile
(Our dear mother)

When the Godavari meanderingly flows gurgling
When the Krishna runs fast with frolicking jumps 
(Verily) Golden* crops grow on the land
Lovely pearls roll down all over

The extraordinary sculptures
Of Amaravati caves
The lilting tunes of Tyagayya
The delectable honeyed verses
Dripping from the pen of Tikkana       
Till they get etched all across
Till they spread everywhere

Rudramma’s valor
Mallamma’s fidelity
The shrewd strategy of Timmarasu
And the great Krishnaraya’s fame

Until they echo in our ears
We’ll sing - only your songs
We’ll play - only your games
Hail the Telugu mother
Hail the Telugu Mother!

*Here the imagery refers to the color of rice (paddy) fields at harvest time. Soon after harvesting mounds of white rice is seen in the rice mills next to mountains of rice husk (bran). Later rice is processed into cereals like puffed rice, a favorite snack of children. Citrus fruits (lime, orange, citron, and pomelo) are also grown abundantly in Andhra Pradesh. The little juice sacs of the fruit are known in Telugu as “pearls”.
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Both the poet Sri Sankarambadi Sundarachari and Tanguturi Suryakumari achieved extraordinary fame with this single song (State Anthem). Credit also goes to the sweet language; people often ascribe its musicality to its vowel ending. But there is more to it, Telugu has close affinity with Sanskrit (అందుకే అన్నారు సంస్కృతమును 'గీర్వాణ భాష' అని. తిట్టులు కూడా సొంపుగా ఉంటాయి మరి!)  

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